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CL Free Water Systems Pool/Spa System sanitizes and protects your pool water and gives you a chlorine and salt free swimming experience. The system eliminates chlorine, chemicals and other impurities from your water. As it freshens and sanitizes your water, the system also kills and protects your water from bacteria and algae by adding copper ions and oxidizing carbon based impurities in the water with titanium created OH. The CL Free Water Systems Pool/Spa System significantly reduces the calcium buildup in the pool equipment and along the pool and spa water lines.

1. The power settings for the Oxidation and Ionization functions are independent. This provides flexibility and total control. Other units tie both sets of functions to each other providing no flexibility or independent control.

2. Oxidation and Ionization functions can be energized at the same time. Other units make you manually select and switch between which functions/plates are energized.

3. LEDs flash at different frequencies to indicate that the corresponding functions have been activated and at what power level. Faster flash means higher power.

4. LEDs alternate color (red and green) to indicate that the polarity of the functions/plates have been switched. This swap balances the copper plate usage and helps keep the plates clean.

5. Copper Ionization has a built-in startup setting (to quickly bring your pool/spa up to the desired copper level) and 8 different maintenance settings (to maintain the desired copper level). If the system is run non stop, after 24 hours it resets itself and begins its daily cycle again.

6. Based on the Controller pH setting, the pH sensor determines if pH adjustment should be made or not. As pH reduction is needed,co2 is injected in metered ,controlled regular intervals.

7. Your pool/spa's pH is displayed every 30 seconds on the controller's readout.

8. pH calibration is a snap. Push the calibrate button 2 seconds, enter the pool's actual pH, press the button again, you're done.

9. The system consists of a CL Free Systems Oxidation Chamber with titanium and copper plates, Pool/Spa controller, pH sensor, flow meter controlled co2 regulator, UL approved power supply and wiring harness.

co2 Injector
Pool/Spa Controller
Pool System Installation

"Chlorine Free Water is good for ALL your babies"

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