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Lite Commercial System POE18x65

Chlorine, chemical and salt free, fresh filtered water to every tap in your house. The CL Free Water Systems Whole House System descales your pipes, hot water heater, faucets, dishwasher and showerheads. The system significantly reduces hard water deposits by changing the suspended calcium into healthy, digestible calcium bi-carbonate.

How does it work, what does it consist of? First let's understand why your water was chlorinated in the first place. Chlorine does three things:

1) It kills bacteria.

2) It stays in the water, also known as free chlorine or latency, and continues to kill bacteria.

3) It oxidizes (burns up) organic impurities in the water.

Our system removes existing chlorine from your water. But before we do that, we first pass all of the house's water through an Oxidation Ionization Chamber.

This Oxidation Ionization Chamber has one set of titanium plates and one set of copper plates. When water is running, the unit electrically energizes the titanium and copper plates. The titanium plates oxidize the organic compounds in the water by creating OH, a more powerful oxidizer than Chlorine or Ozone. This oxidation process kills or disables bacteria and burns up organic impurities (things that cause your water to smell and taste bad), sanitizing your water. Other units use ozone, ultraviolet light, etc. to perform this oxidation function.

Electrically energizing the copper plates adds copper ions to the water. Copper is lethal to bacteria and many viruses. The copper ions remain in the water, providing latent protection against bacteria.

You've seen wishing wells. The water is always crystal clear. That's because of the copper ions from the pennies and oxidation from the silver in the dimes (silver can also be used for oxidation). In the Old West, pioneers kept copper and silver coins in their water barrels to keep their water fresh and safe.

After passing through the Oxidation Ionization Chamber, the water then goes through a large activated carbon filter. The standard filter is sized to last approximately 5 or more years for an average family of four. The activated carbon removes chlorine, metals, other chemicals, impurities, odors and tastes from your water. The filter automatically backwashes and recycles itself at night whenever the preset amount of water usage has occurred. Alternatively, the filter automatically backwashes every 6 days if water usage is too low to trigger the meter driven backwash.

Four larger systems are available as are custom solutions for those with very high water usage requirements

With these systems, most people eliminate their water softener and reverse osmosis systems.

Standard Whole House System POE10x54

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